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设计期刊3.0:‘must haves’ for the living area part 2 起居区的“必备品”(下)



warm and inviting seating, arranged in gentle and well-organised forms, offer numerous unconventional layout options, including some of a more classic nature in the high version and others that are highly adaptable in the floor version, drawing even closer to the thai-inspired vision crafted by federica biasi. samet is a sofa that can be configured without constraints, serving as a multifunctional product that places individuals as active participants in shaping their living spaces, inspiring them to explore fresh usage patterns.
温馨宜人的椅座以平缓有序的形式排列,提供了众多非传统的布局选择,既有经典的高脚版,也有适应性极强的落地版,后者体现了设计师federica biasi对泰国风情的诠释。samet是一款可自由配置的多功能沙发,它让个人成为生活空间的主动塑造者,鼓励人们去探索新的使用模式
the straightforward shapes are enhanced by intricate details, stitching, and matelassé, resulting in a timeless aesthetic.

womb chair

on the 75th anniversary of its design by eero saarinen, knoll commemorates one of its most iconic creations: the womb chair. this armchair, commissioned by florence knoll, revolutionised the very notion of armchairs through techniques and technologies that were truly pioneering for its time. it not only bestowed upon it a unique form but also a functionality that defied categorisation. florence knoll herself described it as “an armchair that resembled a basket full of pillows, a soft sanctuary in which to nestle.” the guiding principle behind the birth of the womb chair was the desire to satisfy our primal need for ultimate comfort—a concept proven to be universally timeless, transcending generations.
womb chair是knoll的标志性作品之一,由eero saarinen于75年前设计。这款扶手椅由florence knoll委托设计,采用了当时具有开创性的技术和工艺,彻底革新了扶手椅的概念。它不仅外形独一无二,而且其功能无法被简单地归于某一门类。florence knoll本人是这样形容它的:“这把扶手椅好像一个装满靠垫的篮子,是一个人们可以依偎其中的柔软庇护所。”womb chair的设计宗旨是满足人们对极致舒适的原始需求——事实证明,这种需求是超越时代、永恒不变的。


摄影:omar sartor

the bumper sofa is a soft sculpture meticulously crafted in polyurethane, with a strong focus on precision and the quality of the tailoring process, skilfully accentuating its curves. its distinctive style is characterised by the arrangement of three overlapping comfort levels - the base, seat, and back - which extend seamlessly to the rear, making it an ideal choice for taking center stage in any room. the seat consists of a single, generously sized cushion, while the ample low back is integrated into the armrests and defines a gracefully curved profile that cradles, welcomes, and encourages moments of relaxation. bumper is available in both single block and sectional versions, designed with various end modules, corners, extended armchairs, and poufs.

cupboards and chests, the new living room wildcards

they reimagine tradition and, in addition to preserving it, they now also take on the role of showcasing and furnishing other spaces outside the kitchen, including the living room and other open areas. we’re talking about the latest cupboards and chests, which have evolved into genuine pieces of furniture. these versatile items can now find their place beyond the boundaries of the kitchen, thanks to their use of refined materials and finishes, striking forms, and distinctive designs.

摄影:salva lopez

designed by garcía cumini, semiton is a fully customisable and reconfigurable system that includes bases and shelves in two different lengths and three distinct modules coming in two different heights. these modules are available with options for doors, that can be either open or closed on one side. with its extensive customisation options, its exquisite finishes on both sides also make it suitable for placement against a wall or at the center of a room. semiton effortlessly suits any setting, providing structure, surface, and space. the bases are made of aluminium, while the shelves are offered in an assortment of fsc certified wood veneers.
semiton由garcía cumini设计,是一个完全可定制和重构的系统,包括两种长度的底座和搁板,以及分别有两种高度的三个模块。模块可选配门,以开放或封闭一侧。该系统不仅提供丰富的定制选项,而且两侧饰面极为精致,适合靠墙摆放或置于房间中央。semiton可作为结构装饰、置物平面或储物空间,轻松地融入任何场景。其底座由铝制成,搁板则采用各种经森林管理委员会(fsc)认证的薄木板。



the venus sideboard represents the extension of the homonymous bookcase designed by fabio novembre in 2017 and inspired by the wooden cases used by museums for the transport of statues. the statue reproduces venus, the goddess of feminine beauty par excellence, the cupboard celebrates its mythical greatness and iconic character.
venus餐具柜是fabio novembre于2017年设计的同名书柜的延伸,其灵感汲取自博物馆用于运输雕像的木箱。餐具柜中的雕像再现了女性之美的代表女神维纳斯,以此致敬维纳斯的传奇故事和永恒个性。

venus is made of natural oak with a sawn effect, while the sculpture is in white recomposed marble.

de castelli

摄影:alberto parise

the ripple cabinet, designed by marco pisati, combines the inspiration drawn from the fluidity and adaptability of water with the solidity of metal. the outcome is a curvy and versatile structure, an object meticulously sculpted and refined by the constant motion of waves.
ripple橱柜由marco pisati设计,其曲线优美、功能多样。它将水的流动性和适应性与金属的坚固性相结合,通过精心的雕琢,呈现出连续波浪状的形态,
it stands as a true sculpture, inviting admiration as one circumnavigates it, following the graceful contours that define its form, admiring the metallic curves shaped by de castelli’s expert craftsmanship and the gentle interplay of shadows across its surfaces.
宛若一座真正的雕塑,让人不禁想要细细观赏。由de castelli精湛工艺造就的金属曲线,为橱柜勾勒出优美的外形轮廓,表面交错着柔和的光影,着实令人赞叹。
this seemingly impenetrable cabinet, akin to a treasure chest, unveils two concealed storage compartments, cleverly concealed behind its hollow doors, engineered to open fully at 180 degrees.

glas italia


a solid volume that seems to float in a liquid, emerging partially. this is the hallmark of the new collection of storage furniture designed by nendo. the particular effect is given by the insertion of a box in black oak wood with the function of sectioned storage compartment and fixed to the furniture, so that one part remains inside and the other resting on the top. made of extra-clear tempered frosted crystal whose doors slide inside profiles in natural anodized aluminum. the furniture is made of extra-clear tempered frosted crystal, glued to uv. the doors slide inside profiles in natural anodized aluminium.


the 36e8 cupboard modular series stands out for its contrasts in the use of materials and the captivating interplay of solid and void spaces, accentuated by the inclusion of refined and diverse materials. these include marble, xglass metals, wildwood wood, and coloured glass, which add a touch of luxury to the collection. its remarkable versatility ensures that each piece of furniture is ideally suited for various settings, from the kitchen, to living room, to the entrance hall. such flexibility is achieved through a full choice of personalised sizes and finishes.

riva 1920
revo high

the tall solid wood and blockboard sideboard, named revo and designed by giuliano & gabriele cappelletti, stands out for its unique vertical treatment of the doors, known as fresart, resulting in a contemporary and dynamic geometric pattern. the top features a framed design, while the shelves and drawers, featuring milled handles, are meticulously crafted using traditional dovetail joints.
这款由giuliano cappelletti和gabriele cappelletti设计的高大餐具柜名为revo,由实木和细木工板制成。门板采用独特的竖条纹处理工艺fresart,呈现出动感的现代几何图案。顶部为框架式设计,搁板和抽屉别具匠心地使用传统燕尾榫接合,并配有内凹式把手。