To empower people and organizations to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE to fulfill their callings.

We empower students and professionals to fulfill their callings with plans for the 7 Areas of Life and Best Practices for Life Leadership.

We are a resource for leaders who serve students, veterans, professionals, communities.

We serve our city and state to plan, work, and brand for its national distinctions--past and possible: Veterans Day History, Events, Education; Human Rights History, Events, Education; Freedom to Flourish at Callings Planning/Training.

What’s your calling?

You can Dream it. Plan it. Do it.

Life Leaders: for those who want to “be, know, and do” closer to our best-selves and help others do their best.

We believe:

·         People live better if we learn, plan, and act on principles and best practices for leading our lives.

·         Veterans making a comeback in life can increase their chances with a plan for Goals & Goliaths.

·         Students helped to write plans for self and school can boost attitude, attendance, and achievement—boosting "grit."

·         Each of us should invest at time at least monthly learning, assessing, and planning for self, service, and relationships with others.

·         Birmingham, Alabama can become branded a positive national leader for freedom based on history for Veterans Day and the Civil Rights Movement and going forward with strategy and actions leading for veteran history and service, human rights history and service, and helping people earn freedom to flourish at callings by helping people Plan and Lead in Life.

Life Leaders offers programs for serving students and teachers, veterans, community, and members: Personal Leadership, Professionalism Under Stress; Plan for Character, School, Calling; Patriotism in Action; Freedom to Flourish; Research, Publication, Teaching, Service.

Two key life leader questions:

God, what would you have me do?

What should my best-self do now?


Plans And Possibilities  

Mission, Vision, Goals, Possibilities with Partners for veterans, students, Birmingham and Alabama.  Our three part desired legacy for impact, one page of actions for each program. The Case for Life Leaders.

Association of Life Leaders Profile Seminars & Membership

Invitations and News

America's Veterans Day Founding in Alabama History, Character Education, and National Branding Project (2012- ) Progress

Life Leaders is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization registered in Alabama providing public service primarily benefiting education and community development supported by leaders who provide grants, sponsorships, donations, and service projects to advance their mission and ours.

Care to Make A Difference?

If you also believe students will perform better and be better prepared with a plan for calling and character, you can help assist educational programs, lesson plans, publications, and training for educators serving K-12, college and career.

If you also believe a veteran coming out of homelessness has a better chance of success and sustainability if we help them outline a plan for a better life and face their Goliaths, help us help them. 

If you also believe Birmingham and Alabama can build strengths and brand positively, we can do that.



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